a very long story.
it's her

JaCeLyN aKa JC
21 years old
5 SePtEmBer 1987
Republic Poly
YeAr 3 M&E Student
- Diploma In New Media-
STA aka School of Technology for the Arts
-pOsT pRoDuCtIoN eDiToR oR cAmErAmAn-

current status

In LoVe WiTh KeIvE dArLiN
CoUcH pOtAtO
No NiGhTlIfE fOr JC - MoMmY is HoME

her desires

my Family
Adidas shoe&Bag
Polaroid Camera
Tigerbulb fish
Ralph Lauren Polo Tee


[JoShUa AkA mIcKeY]
[MeI hUi]
[35 Cents]
[ShIrOtA yUu]


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    DREAMiNG OF YOU - Selina
    let it out

    Friday, May 29, 2009

    This is my most embaressing moment of the day, i slip and fall on the floor in front of ppl.. That is SUPER EMBARESSING..

    You know you love me, xoxoxo JaCeLyN SiN; 1:44 PM


    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Today is my first day of work. The people there are nice, they guide me and teach me how to use the machine there. It was quite fun working at the place as I don't expect it to be fun. My colleague teaches me how to do this and tell me don't be nervous, be confident. I will be working there for one and half month there until the new store Opening.

    I know that this is a very low job even though my colleague say that why am I so stupid working in as S.A instead of Supervisor and I told them that I rather work from low, learn something before I work in higher level. Plus this is a temporary work for me before I found a job that I like and when the economy become better...

    You know you love me, xoxoxo JaCeLyN SiN; 9:09 PM


    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Its been awhile since I last blogged. It seems that I am getting tired or lazy to blog. Maybe due to hormonal changes in my body that make me more lazy to blog as I don't have problems logging in to FB and play MW, VW & RC... It's damn nice to play and I love it.

    Finally, I found a job that doesn't related to what I study but it's my first job so I am going to treat it as my stepping zone. I got paid peanuts but better than nothing. Now all I got to do is pray that I got my PR and I am starting work soon on 18th May. So you guys could come down to 1 Claymore Drive's ColdStorage to look for me... I am working as S.A there in the Seafood Dept. It's at Orchard Tower and can you imagine it, I could see Pretty girls there. >.<"

    Tomorrow I am having my dinner date, RACHEL!!! Its been so long since I last see her. We are going to meet up every week to eat MAC so that we could collect all the cups... AHAHA...

    You know you love me, xoxoxo JaCeLyN SiN; 8:44 PM