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JaCeLyN aKa JC
21 years old
5 SePtEmBer 1987
Republic Poly
YeAr 3 M&E Student
- Diploma In New Media-
STA aka School of Technology for the Arts
-pOsT pRoDuCtIoN eDiToR oR cAmErAmAn-

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In LoVe WiTh KeIvE dArLiN
CoUcH pOtAtO
No NiGhTlIfE fOr JC - MoMmY is HoME

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my Family
Adidas shoe&Bag
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Tigerbulb fish
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    Friday, February 13, 2009

    10 jokes of the day from Newton Circus till Orchard Rd

    1. Brandon gotten himself ID check when he went into 7-11 to bought a pack. Brandon says,"Do I look that young till I got my ID checked?" I say "YEP, Your shirt and your hairstyle make you look like a young kid."

    2. Meme just notice that his pants zip spoiled when he sits down at the table after a long journey from Newton Mrt Station till Newton Circus. He say it so loud that we think everyone near our table hear it.

    3. After our dinner, we plan to walk all the way to Orchard from where we were. The guys need to use the loo. Meme is the first person who went to the loo and he went to the wrong loo instead, he went into the girl's loo. I shouted at him and tell him that he is in the wrong loo and he looks darn embarrassing because we girls laughed too loud. opps... Meme, people thinks that you are drunk when you are not!!

    4. Brandon ask "Where are we??" after our long walk from Newton Circus. I told him that we are at Peak Heay Rd. He said No, we are at the junction of Peak Heay Rd and Anthony Rd.

    5. We saw a couple walk past us holding their dog whose fur darn long and looks like sweeping the rd as they walk. Jannah says "What a cute dog that look like a mop??" We thinks what if we place the dog right next to a stick? Will the maid be able to tell whether it's a dog there or is it a mop. What will happen to the dog??

    6. Do you know how to pronounce fur? Does your accent sound right when you pronounce it. This happen to Esmond!! He pronounce fur as flus. Reason, Jannah just watch CJ7 movie. The dog's fur sort of reminded her of the CJ7 character. The rubber push toy that can talk with flus instead of fur.

    7. Brandon went to buy ice creams for us and himself. While he was halfway of finishing his ice cream, Brandon says that he got cheated!! He says that his strawberry sundae ice cream has a hole in the middle. SO I ask him, is it a boy or a girl as he continue on eating. He replied me its a girl then I laugh...

    8. Out of randomness, Shaggy ask Brandon, so when're you going to Aus?? Brandon replied April. Jannah says Ain't it HOT DOWN there???

    9. Shaggy ask Brandon, WIll you get yourself LAID while you are down there?? Brandon said don't know?? Maybe. So we said that we need to prepare a BIG BANNER for Brandon when he returns from his trip. The banner would be a picture of Brandon and his name - Brandon Hu ZhenYu, WELCOME HOME. Right at the bottom of the Banner, we caps "BRANDON HU ZHENYU GOT LAID DOWN THERE AT AUS!!! Then Brandon suggest that we do 2 Banner, first banner is Welcome home. 2nd banner is You got Laid.. We thought of going to BrasBrasah to do it. Then out of the blues, Shaggy suggest that we use bed sheet. Jannah suggest with stain and you know what stain it is!!!

    10. Do you know that in States, they have SEX channel?? We chatted about it right after Brandon's got LAID joke!! There's a talk show discussing about the new invention for women, a rubber glove that looks like lips. The presenter of the talk show did a demonstration on it and use it to wash the dish.While the presenter washing the dish with the glove, she says it could lick/clean the dish clean. Does it mean that you could rely on this invention to gives you satisfaction and a real guy can't is it. Both gives the same thing...

    You know you love me, xoxoxo JaCeLyN SiN; 11:44 PM